Things To Do In Palomino Colombia.

In the event that you are voyaging Colombia’s Caribean coast make certain to add Palomino to your rundown. Numerous individuals don’t get this far and stop at Parque Tayrona. Serious mix-up! In the event that you are hoping to unwind and chill at the sea shore for some time Palomino is the best spot to do as such. Santa Clause Marta and Cartagena are both enormous towns with pressed sea shores (and traveler costs). Where as Palomino is a lot littler and less swarmed. To assist you with arranging your visit here are a few activities in Palomino Colombia.

With its wild, blustery oceans and sea shores upheld by rough mangroves, the Caribbean bank of Colombia is an outright knockout. A position of immaculate excellence with a cool Latino appeal and a sprouting “opulent packer” inn culture, this piece of the world is a pleasure for wandering picture takers.

Step by step instructions to Get To Palomino

Finding a workable pace simple. The vast majority originate from Santa Marta or Tayrona. You simply need to jump on a similar transport from the market in Santa Marta that takes you to Tayrona. Palomino is around 1.5 hours from Tayrona… Although this truly relies upon traffic! There is one fundamental street that interfaces Santa shops, Tayrona and Palomino. This makes going between the three simple as it’s a similar transport.

Where To Stay In Palomino

I would suggest not booking convenience in Palomino. Rather, get off the transport and take the fundamental street to the sea shore. Stroll along that street and pick some place you like the vibe of. There is a lot of decisions! On the off chance that you have a tent take it with you are most places have outdoors accessible. I lamented booking settlement as I would have a lot of wanted to remain in my tent!

Activities In Palomino Colombia

Truly, there isn’t that a lot to do there. A great many people go to get disconnected for a couple of days and unwind at the sea shore! There is a lot of yoga and you can go stream tubing or take a stab at surfing in the event that you need more activity.

We went with the organization on the principle street and figured out how to wrangle the value down to 15mil for the cylinder and the moto taxi. The “typical” cost is 25-30mil with a guide. We didn’t need the guide and they attempted to reveal to us we despite everything expected to pay 25mil yet we had addressed a neighborhood who disclosed to us we could get it for 15. So hope to pay between 15-30mil relying upon your wheeling and dealing abilities.

The initial segment of the experience is the moto-taxi! Going over some truly rough path on a moto while holding a major elastic ring was entirely frightening on occasion!

When they drop you off you have a 30 min walk tough until you arrive at where you enter the waterway.

It is quite simple to follow as there will be others there with guides. In the event that you stall out, simply tail them!

When you are in the stream expect 2-3 hours of unwinding. In spite of the fact that don’t get excessively loose as the current is solid in spots and I got maneuvered into the side a couple of times! I likewise steered into the rocks in the stream a couple of times!

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