Prawn Salad with Pine Nuts and Crunchy Pita Bread.

This Prawn Salad with Pine Nuts and Crunchy Pita Bread is everything a plate of mixed greens ought to be… generous, new, delectable, brimming with delightful fixings and beat with a touch of crunch.

In case I will have a serving of mixed greens as a supper, I need it to taste extraordinary (clearly) and I need it to be generous. Particularly if it’s the principle feast of the day. This plate of mixed greens is actually that. It is everything a serving of mixed greens ought to be. It has such huge numbers of good characteristics. The prawns (shrimp), the pine nuts and that crunchy pita bread… Yummers.

How might you oppose a decent prawn

Along these lines, I made this serving of mixed greens after a visit to the fish showcase where I saw these prawns that were calling my name. They were a decent size and the shading on them was so dynamic how I was unable to get a few. In any case, I would not like to have prawns just alone, in spite of the fact that there is nothing amiss with that. I needed to place it in a plate of mixed greens pressed with new fixings. When purchasing prawns I generally search for prawns that look decent and crisp and that are energetic in shading. Purchasing locally at whatever point conceivable is in every case best.

Include a few nuts

To make this plate of mixed greens some additional extraordinary I included some toasted pine nuts. Pine nuts are something that go truly well with plates of mixed greens by and large. They have this rich surface to them with only a slight crunch. I toasted the pine nuts marginally as this draws out their flavor. In spite of the fact that in the event that you favor not very, that is totally fine too.

In any case, in the event that you might want to toast your pine nuts or some other sort of nut besides it is extremely straightforward. There are two way you can do this you can heat them in the broiler for around 10 minutes or so at around 200 degrees. Or on the other hand you can cook them in a skillet over medium to high warmth, making a point to turn them as you go. Heads up however in any case, you cook them try to watch out for them since they can consume effectively.

Give your serving of mixed greens a touch of crunch

The other thing I added to this serving of mixed greens which I think makes it additional uncommon was the toasted pita bread. As a matter of fact, I utilized Lebanese bread since I was unable to discover pita bread anyplace. Now and again you just found a good pace out. Whichever way the two of them taste decent and the two of them gave a similar surface and look that I was going for. I cut the bread into triangles, opened them up and toasted it at around 200 degrees for around 5 minutes. Too simple, and it just gave the plate of mixed greens that smidgen additional crunch. Also I looked incredible.

Dress it up

Concerning the dressing there are loads of alternatives that would function admirably with this serving of mixed greens. Need some motivation look at my post on the most proficient method to make 4 dressing in one moment. Be that as it may, I utilized this flavorful Avocado Dressing since it has become my new fixation. It is so acceptable, so rich and ideal for any plate of mixed greens particularly a serving of mixed greens with prawns.


This serving of mixed greens presents itself flawlessly. Obviously you can place it all in a bowl and give it hurl. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you truly insect to intrigue during supper gently place all fixings on your most delightful platter and let the freshness and magnificence of the characteristic fixing represent themselves.

In the event that you have delighted in this post, attempted this formula or any of my different plans, don’t hesitate to leave a remark in the remark segment beneath, I couldn’t want anything more than to get notification from you.

Prawn Salad with Pine Nuts and Crunchy Pita Bread


500 g Prawns (shrimp) stripped around one kg when carried with shell

300 g Baby Rocket (Arugula)

1 punnet Cherry tomatoes split

2 enormous Cucumber cut

1 enormous Avocado in addition to one more in the event that you utilize avocado dressing

50 g Pine nuts Toasted

100 g Feta

1 Packet of pita bread or Lebanese Bread


Preheat broiler to 200°C

Strip and devein prawns leaving tail on (discretionary) for introduction. When prawns a spotless set a side in refrigerator until plate of mixed greens is fit to be served

Get ready avocado dressing by following the connection here

Set up all serving of mixed greens fixings by dividing cherry tomatoes, cutting cucumber and cutting avocado, and put in a safe spot

Cut pita bread or Lebanese bread into triangle and open them up, place on sheet container with heating paper and toast for around 5 minutes until crunchy

Spot a little fry container on medium to high warmth and start to cook pine nuts turning at regular intervals to a 1 moment until they are for the most part pleasantly toasted

Lets set up everything together. In an enormous serving platter start to tenderly spread around all fixings rocket, tomato, cucumber, feta, avocado, pine nuts, prawns and toasted bread equitably. When everything in on the platter shower with avocado dressing and set on table. Appreciate the flavor of summer

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