Greek Yogurt and Raspberry Semifreddo Recipe Tips.

Light and heavenly, this late spring semifreddo is a perfect treat for you and your visitors! It isn’t hard to make, simply follow my bearings!

You’ve just seen that I like semifreddo. All things considered, I do! Enhanced with tart energy natural product, lemon or berries, or with rich chocolate, hazelnut or caramel, doesn’t make a difference to me – I love them all!

Why Greek yogurt, and not a plain one? All things considered, there is a distinction! Greek yogurt or stressed yogurt is thick and rich since it has been stressed to evacuate the whey, in this way – it is perfect for making treats. Plain yogurt, then again, is a lot more slender – hence – not useful for pastries! Basic, isn’t that so? It is sufficient to add a few products of the soil to Greek yogurt, and you in a split second have a dazzling sweet treat, however today, for making semifreddo, we will have a somewhat all the more requesting system.

We will utilize Greek yogurt, egg whites, sugar, and raspberry puree.

You should take out your stand blender and recall how to make Italian meringue since it is one of the significant pieces of this formula. All that you have to do is blend every one of the parts, empty the blend into a holder, stand by quietly for couple of hours for semifreddo to set, and you will have a delectable solidified pastry without dessert machine!

Greek Yogurt and Raspberry Semifreddo Recipe

Coconut Sable

Margarine 125g (4.4oz)

Powdered sugar 55g (2oz)

Unsweetened dessicated coconut 30g (1oz)

Universally handy flour 135g (4.8oz)

Egg yolk 20g (1 medium yolk)

Salt 1g (a squeeze)

Raspberry Semifreddo

Raspberry Puree 100g (3.5oz)

Sugar 50g (1.8oz)

Gelatin 4g (1Tsp)

Water for gelatin (on the off chance that you are utilizing powdered gelatin) 16g (4Tsp)

Italian meringue 140g (5oz)

Whipped cream 115g (4.1oz)

Greek Yogurt Semifreddo

Greek yogurt 75g (2.6oz)

Italian meringue 140g (5oz)

Whipped cream 115g (4.1oz)

Italian Meringue

Egg whites 85g (3oz)

Sugar 200g (7oz)


Make coconut sablé. Put flour, powdered sugar, dessicated coconut and salt into a bowl and blend well. Include cold, diced margarine and rub dry fixings into it until you get brittle blend. Include one egg yolk and blend until you get uniform batter. Enclose by stick film, smooth and leave in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes until firm.

Roll chilled mixture to 5mm (3⁄16″) thickness, cut 10cm (4″) circles, and spot them onto material paper lined preparing plate. Heat sablés at 180°C (350°F) for around 10-15 minutes until brilliant dark colored. Take them out from the stove, brush the edges of the sablés with an egg white and dunk them in dessicated coconut. Take them once more into the stove for an additional two minutes. Expel sablés from the broiler and leave them to chill off.

Whip the 230g (8.2oz) of cream (for the two layers) to delicate pinnacles, and put it in the ice chest until required.

Line five round molds with acetic acid derivation strips. My molds are 8cm (3″) in breadth and 5cm (2″) high.

For raspberry semifreddo absorb gelatin cold water and put in a safe spot. Put raspberry puree and sugar into a pan and warmth until sugar breaks up. Expel from warmth and include splashed gelatin. Mix the blend until uniform and leave it to cool.

Make Italian meringue for the two layers out of egg whites and sugar. Spot egg whites into a bowl of a stand blender fitted with whisk connection. Put sugar and some water into a pan and start cooking the syrup. At the point when the syrup arrives at 110°C (230°F), start blending egg whites on medium speed. At the point when the syrup arrives at 118°C (245°F), empty it into frothed egg whites, and keep rushing until meringue chills off.

Gauge Italian meringue and whipped cream for each layer.

At the point when raspberry blend chills off, include Italian meringue, and toward the end, overlay in whipped cream. Fill the molds midway and freeze the semifreddo.

For Greek yogurt layer join Greek yogurt with Italian meringue, and include whipped cream. Fill the molds over solidified raspberry layer right to the highest point of the shape. Level the top with little spatula, and leave everything in the cooler for couple of hours to set.

When your semifreddo freezes, remove it from the form, evacuate the acetic acid derivation strip and spot it onto coconut sablé. Top it with some slashed pistachios and crisp raspberries and appreciate!

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